Thursday, November 3, 2011


by Cynthia Jusi

I have been down, down to the floor

Since you walked out the door

I wish you were here to make me smile

But it's too late;you've gone more than a mile

You broke my heart with no qualms

Though I would have welcomed you with open arms


Now that's all but a lie

'Cos you were such a BUM!

Bet you didn't know that...

I know I had tendencies of feeling insecure

That was when I was still yours

I knew the things you did in your car

All those secrets that made you feel like a star

You thought you were strong and I, weak

You had me in too deep

Well, I have moved on

And it's bad news for you 

Yeah it is ur friend

You wouldn't have guessed.... 


  1. Hahaha! Bad ass dere.

  2. nice one, keep it up

  3. u lost the rhythm that wuold have kept the readin within a breath. U can still do it. Pick your word and make the rhyme. Nice opening.