Friday, May 20, 2011

Still on 21st rapture

The offer in my last post is still on,at least for those in the geographical zone that won't see 21st until almost 24 hours to come. Thanks for your cooperation.
Now due to time zone,the Aussie would be the first to rapture because they would certainly get to 21st May,2011 before some other continents. Check your time people,dont forget to wish them happy rapturing! They getting the first ticket had me mulling.
Aussies are so lucky you know? They get to pick the best rooms,I imagine them choosing the ocean view parts,gardens,wildlifes(oh wild animals cant be wild in paradise,can they?);Aussies are nature lovers. Taste the food first,first shower,hang-out with the angels, etc. Won't they get to choose the virgins first?Depending on your belief though.
Well I hope there would be internet facility over there,maybe someone would update us what's happening. A status update on facebook,twitter,etc saying via would be much appreciated. Better, if a blogger raptured and blogs about the experience so that 'doubting Thomases' in the time zones yet to make 21st May,2011 would see proof.
I hope an Aussie will do us all that favour. It's time to wish all those in Australia a smooth rapturing. Thanks as we await your post via

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

21st rapture....My take

To whom it concerns
It has certainly come to my notice that many of you have been preparing for the coming of the son of God which I learned in the bible, no one knows, even the son himself is not privy to such information. Now some people have been able to decode the day. Just a silent fart; ‘wiki’ will ‘leak’. Nothing surprises one anymore these days; advancement in technology had given man the edge, I dare say, gods didn’t have. Prophet meets Technology; resulting into a wider spread of prophecies, visions, illusions, dreams, faith and the likes. With it each dawning of the day, more tinge to it as it spreads.
It is no wondering that prophecy of the end of the world, according to some ‘individuals’ will be on the 21st May, 2011, had spread all over the world. People are religiously noting countdown to the day, becoming more careful, prayerful, and keeping holy to make rapture; canceling engagements that fall after the 20th of the month, after all they hopefully won’t be on earth by then. Some are leaning on ‘WHAT IF IT IS TRUE?’ Wouldn’t hurt to be penitent for now; working towards rapture and if it doesn’t happen, life continues. Life continues, in the old ways I guess... are you playing logic with God?
Anyway that is not my concern here. I am to inform you that there are some of us, who are so willing to remain on earth after 21st of May, 2011. Umm, I smell you grief for us! Don’t worry, we will carry on just fine and as such wouldn’t mind if you bestow your earthly possessions onto us. We all know earthly possessions wouldn’t rapture with you; giving it out to us before 21st would do you good. You might want to include charity in your act of penitence; surely your kindness shall be rewarded in heaven.
Though we could as well take them when you are gone, we are offering you the chance to turn it around to favour your heaven making. It is a perfect logic, you know? We are just that nice. So as you prepare, make this sacrifice to top your admission into heaven. To donate your possession, contact me through all means available. If you are confused, ask Google. Wish your smooth rapture in advance.
God bless!
P.S- 21st is almost here. Take your chances while the offer last!