Friday, December 17, 2010

Not your type girl....

So I was sitting at this lobby waiting for my turn, not really paying attention to the others waiting like me. I had logged in to a chatting application on my phone using that to kill time. This girl I have been chatting with for days had flicked an emotion in me. I had been arranging to see her in a while now but she kept evading the topic. Now that I’m around her area, I had thought to drop by. Hanging out with her for a couple of minutes won’t be bad so I fired up determination to get her to pick me at the place.
As we chatted on, she couldn’t keep the truth of why she didn’t want to see me any longer. She broke it to me that she is a lesbian. Disgust, anger and many other emotions arose in me. Meanwhile the girl sitting next to me had been peeping to read the chat. She smelled the emotions flying by and asked me what the problem is so I showed her the chat. Surprisingly she didn’t flinch but told me of how her boyfriend had been snatched by another lover. That seems to be a normal thing until she told me the new lover is a guy.
Apparently, she had already gotten over it. We had been hanging out for a while now. Must say she’s a wonderful person! I’m kind of hoping to ask her out one of these days. I can’t deny her effect on me. We are fun together; Mad fun! And yes she has great girl friends. Not your type of girls though.
With all these gay people around her, could she really want me? Could she be a friendly lesbian using me to cover up her status? Or is she a bisexual? Well she is coming over tomorrow; I’d take my chance. She had better at least be a bisexual if not straight.

..this palpitation

you are a flickering in my firmament
I got lost, found
and then lost
wandering towards your twinkling
I’d gather the sky
gather you...
whispers of the night
would tell of it.

But then
the soothing morning breeze
would caress my skin
into reality
....this palpitation,
a trick?

Nigeria, the show!

                As I read that Obasanjo laughed at Atiku’s candidacy, I can’t but join in the laughter galore. It is actually funny that Atiku is contesting again especially under the PDP umbrella. But what is more amusing is the fact that an ex-president now sees the matter of the country as comedy.
                Atiku’s character might have been comical for many reasons best known to Obasanjo. Knowing Atiku, as his vice president for two terms would have given him enough insight into the character of Atiku. Obasanjo might have perceived him as a weakling who is set to lose again. Or it might be that he’s actually laughing at us, the masses, who can’t see beyond our nose.
                Come to think of it, I would be laughing too if I had orchestrated a drama series that people appraise as it unfolds. While every other person is being swept off by the suspense, intrigue, action, comedy, etc of the episodes they have seen, my amusement would feed on their ignorance of the whole story yet. I can’t claim I know Obasanjo but he seems quite dramatic...
                No need to recount the stories of recent events in and around the country. We are familiar with the episodes as they unfold. The drama gets spiced up here and there every time. “The dark night of (in)-dependence”, “won win tribunal...”even recentlywild wild Jos; they have kept people talking as the season continues. Now the radio is saying IBB might be seeking shelter under another umbrella; that colourful PDP umbrella’s shade is quite overcrowded. I won’t be surprised if towards the election time he announces his decision to quit the race. That would surely cause a carnival of laughter from different quarters, for many it would be a prayer answered.
                Testimony time in religious circles would be filled with insert like this “praise the Lord for fine-turning the will of IBB”. For some the new prayer point would be “Oh God, change the will of my enemies as you did that of IBB”. I imagine that the result of the 2011 elections would proclaim some names as synonymous to failure; that would probably start from the party primaries. Be warned! Drama thrives on suspense; paying cautious attention is strictly advised here.
                As it is, Nigeria, the movie is in the theatres. Some manage to watch as the drama is being enacted; some participate in the actions but don’t forget those who actually orchestrate the drama. You know how ‘Actors’ (protagonists) hardly die in a film; it’s all in the manipulation of the story to the orchestrator’s fancy. In the spirit of laughing let’s not forget that he who laughs last, laughs well, laughs best!!!
Enjoy the show!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


We've been together all this while;frowning, smiling.
Looked into my eye and still see yours when i close mine.
You scratch my back;i till yours-You've toiled and toyed with me.
Still hear the clattering of the rain on our backs
as our sins washes down the road.
How can i rely on anyone but you...
Knowing we shall lie together at the end.


Dis-ember;i love
sing the seven days of xmas
merry with friends and families.
Dis-ember;i know the gain of laborious days toiled.
Dis-ember;i see cocoons turn into butterflies
spread wings,rise to decorate the sky
noticed the movement of time even as it flies.

Dis-ember;i meet her
beautifully adorned in the skin of nature
from her chest full of milk and honey
i drink eternity.
Dis-ember;she is my Santa Claus
to me she bestow her precious gift
the son of man.
She is,as was,holy mother.

Dis-ember; mon chère
in the cold night of rhapsodic enchantment
she stealthily crawls into my embrace.
We joined our twisted fate.
Our complication romance
in the fiery of its nature.
Dis-ember;we sit and savour
the scent of our glowing ember of love.
Dis-ember she is.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tumultuous echoes of a dream
colourful-black, white but cream
consciously, subconsciously; they stream
in the euphoric sway I scream:
Leave my head; live my life.
Be my verve!

Monday, November 8, 2010

dauran sights .......

road side boutique

spare part of anything you want

kifi(fish) best ride you can get. trust me i'd tried it and dit was awesome.

shalaa (soyabeans cake)

boutique haha

you wan try

dauran sights part 1

Assembly of goats


dusty wind

traditional hand design

women coming from the market

Aboki swagger lol!

fears ...

Fears faced are won partially
if not totally. In battling with the fears
engulfing my existence, I feeble like
a child who had just broken a dish; peeing in his pants.
Each of these moments, I lose a life;
my soul dwindles.
But then i gain more life
as I face my fears
fearlessly fearing that tomorrow
I will have no fears but feared.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


    Problem smells everywhere. I’ve got problem with the world and it starts with me. Thinking straight had been difficult for me even though I’m trying so hard. I got problem thinking my neighbor is not courting evil. Not that I see him as a degenerated soul but like sugar attracts ants; he magnets trouble.
    My neighbor on the right hand maliciously pounces around; swearing out loud. When asked what the matter was, he could only answer in this carefully spelt words “I WILL KIDNAP. Kill if anyone tries to stop me; this is my father’s land”.
    You have to understand that my neighbor is a proper Niger Delta man who will not let those so called Bastards destroy the land his forefathers handed down to him. I wonder how my people will have to die in his struggle. Trying to understand his actually anguish wasn’t made possible because the settlement he gets from his struggle had accumulated into a well of oil in his stomach. He barely speaks audible these days but surely his actions speak louder.
    My other neighbor has been out of work in like forever. He comes to me every now and then, for food and money which I give in good faith until he started ‘winning’ my stuffs. When caught, all he could say was that he never thought I’d have a problem with him borrowing my things. “It’s the devil’s work….I swear it will never happen again” he flatly said. I wonder if our criminal friends ever get tired of that line.
    The following week, a neighbor invited me to a religious gathering.  When we got there, we sat on a slim wooden bench in the spirit of worship. The pastor cladded in an Italian design blessed us with his expensive smile as his sermon goes on. After minutes of well-articulated lessons on faith and prosperity, the pastor said things nobody was going to interpret to me or anyone else in the gathering; an act called speaking in tongues. He narrated his vision sounding like mission. The summary is that the church needs a befitting mission house and means of transportation for evangelism purpose. He admonishes the congregation to work for the Lord and gain it back in 100 folds.
    The members were clamouring to take part in the mission. My neighbor dropped all he had and pledged the wages he earned after weeks of hard labour. I had to pay his transport home and assisted him for weeks. When I couldn’t understand why he dropped his meager earnings, he reminded me that his pastor said the Lord will pay back in 100 folds. In arithmetic, he would probably be wallowing in millions by the time the Lord pays back. This makes sense especially if you are the Baba Ijebu type, only that my neighbor doesn’t quite understand literally and literary speaking context. The last time I saw him, he is actually feeding from hand to mouth. Payback is yet to come for him. If you try school him, he’d said “my pastor said that”. I found out that his pastor is always right; I left.
    My politician neighbor is the messiah of some people. He goes about spraying money; our money. He is the king of boys. A title conferred on him for his numerous generousity towards the growth of the youths; from thugs to political thugs. Thanks to him, all those youths who show their delinquency on the street molesting the innocents, now have a profession (political assassins, thugs and election saboteurs). While these youths in politics (name to dignify their indignity) risk their lives, my politician neighbor’s children are overseas spending the sweats of tax payers; having their future secured.
    He is also a renowned philanthropist donates expired food stuffs to the masses. His benevolent act had hospitalized many people but he can’t be held responsible, he is only trying to help. Just the other day, his boys were playing with grenades. Now I held some houses were razed.
    I’ve got problem with loneliness so I got myself a companion; better called a roommate. We planned to have a good life together. She claims to be a feminist and I’m not the type to relegate women. But I discovered later that females tend to take their freedom too far. I came across a passage in Black Boy where women were described as “wild animals that needed to be tamed”. My roommate is surely wild! She has so much love to share and won’t hesitate to share among boys and girls alike.
    She’d told me I wasn’t good enough but I bet she meant I couldn’t domesticate the wild animal in her. The only reason she’d put up with me in the first place was she needed shelter and cash. But now what she needed is more than I could ever provide so she moved to the guy next door. Apparently, the rich guy there has all it takes for now.
    I tried to move on by burying myself in work but that too hadn’t been easy. Rumours of sack letters hang in the air, can’t tell who’s going next. While the executive members are busy misappropriating funds, we ordinary workers get sacked. My desk neighbor had just been sacked, soon it would be me. I’ve got problem with myself, neighbours, nation even existence itself. I only hope you don’t have a problem reading my longwindedly written problems.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

simple life

The experience had been all things. It had introduced me to another world; a world where things had less significance, where living has nothing much to it. The stories of the early men were made more real in my heart. Only that this is the 21st century, very little had changed for this people though. Living entails basically few things that people don’t even consider anymore. On this side of life, these things form the core of their lives. All other things are just superficial; a sin!
                Life couldn’t be any simpler when all you need do is wake, eat, play, “love”, sleep. Working is just something you could do; a choice seldom made. And those who make such choice do so just for essentially daily bread, nothing more. No waste! Surely that is a pious advice.
                Wake, eat, play, “love”, sleep as it is, is quite a huge job sometimes. Not everybody gets through with that daily.
                Wake for a simple life can be around 10 am. He is the head man in charge. There is no need to rush out of bed. The day is going to be just exactly the same as yesterday. The nitty-gritties remain the same for each day. Everything is kept simple.
                Eat comes with a N10 price, that’s all! T.D (tuwon dawa) and green soup, ba Nama, is such a delicious delicacy. Everyman, even middle class Almanjeri, can afford a plate. A pot of water is surely waiting you in those corners. Being refrigerated by nature itself, nobody needs to pay for a cup. Same cup everybody uses each time they stop by for a drink. You would like to know when last the water pot was washed. Never is the answer. By the time you’ve got N30 a day, you’re more than surviving.
                Play is major. It can take as much time as you are willing to give. In this case, it’s like forever. Why deny yourself the only one thing that could possibly fill up your day? It will be a shame to waste such lovely shade Dogo Yaro trees provide so lying under the tree all day long with a couple of jobless or seemingly job engaged friends is perfect. Seemingly job engaged since his tray of Goro only decreases because it aids there chatting. Most of the Goro goes for free. Can he do anything when only Allah brings profit? Play has no limit even if it’s to toss around in the soil, it’s still called play. And age doesn’t come in to play.
                “Love”.  OMG! Nothing could ever be greater. It is natural. Never too much especially when you have enough to share and get back. Nothing like unrequited love around here. You have no choice even if you do, it will only be in your head. Your actions must comply with the expected norms. A girl is nurtured from birth to respect her husband and totally submit to him. She’s reared for it! A man is entitled to up to four channel of pleasure. Allots a time for each one of them. No quarrel; no squabbles. If his strength would fail him, Magani (drugs) will do the magic.
                Sleep ends the day. And such day could end 2 am second morning, not unless you don’t want to finish your rounds around the hut. You determine when your day ends don’t you?
                Hardly do you find work on the list or at least not what would be recognized as work in the complicated life. It’s surely a simple life around here. The head of the house sets a table in front of his house displaying few leafs of vegetable, little seeds of tomatoes, onion and groundnut spices. All his capital is just around N500 and has sold nothing in the last two days. He is not bother. He’s got no bills to pay; children fend for their selves, wives are on their own. The N50 he dropped two days ago should carry the women for three more days and he still got another N50 stashed in his Baba Riga. Sugar cane is free, his brother sells that. What else could he be looking for then?
Begging is such a lucrative business. If you know multiplication a bit, then you know N1 could multiply well in numbers. Unless there is shortage of cheerful givers, you’d never run out of business. That much, cheerful givers could easily give N30 out and that has covered a day. No aspiration whatsoever. Why aspire when your life isn’t owned by you? Collecting Sadaka is perfect. Blessed are the cheerful givers! Meaning there must be a taker.
Here is the taker-SIMPLE LIFE!